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Redring 9.5kW Powerstream Instant Water Heater RP1


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The Redring RP1 9.5KW is the UKs best selling instantaneous multipoint water heater. It allows you to supply up to two basins or one basin and one shower with instant hot water.

These heaters are ideal if you don't have the room or budget for a centrally stored hot water cylinder. They are economical to run because they dont suffer from any standing heat loss like water storage cylinders do. Installation is simple as they just require a mains cold water feed and an electrical supply.

•Water temperature example: The 9.5KW model produces water temperature at around 54 Degrees C based on an incoming cold water temperature of 12 Degrees C and a flow rate of 4 Litres per minute.

•Recomended Cable: Twin and Earth (6242Y) 6mm or 10mm (Depending on length of run and how the cable is installed)

•Recomended Fuse Size: 40A

The larger powered models (10.8KW and 12KW) allow you to improve your flow rate/performance.

Dimensions (All Models) : 307 x 160 x 74mm

•Water supplied to one or two outlets (either one shower and one hand basin or two hand basins)

•Water outlet via existing tap or mixer (especially suitable via spray tap)

•Direct mains supply

•Small compact shape

•Remote fitting option

•No standing heat losses

•Fast response

•Choice of two power settings on installation

•Unit can be mounted upright or turned through 90 degrees (though not upside down) to allow for easier installation.

For shower applications, the Redring Shower Mixer Kit is recomended. The unit is not suitable for baths or large kitchen sinks.

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